Meet a Liaison Librarian


Whether you are working on an assignment, trying to find the right resources in your area of teaching or learning, or just getting started to know about the library services, we are here to help. Schools in APU are organised based on disciplines and the designated liaison librarian will help you achieve your research, learning, and teaching goals.
Engage with your liaison librarian to: 

  • Understand and navigate through various library services, resources and support tools. 
  • Learn the best search strategies and apply them when you are looking for information. 
  • Connect you with the relevant experts or functional units within the university.
  • Identify the right information sources in your discipline.
  • Provide personalised guidance and consultation session for your teaching and learning needs.

Make an appointment via email or have a quick chat with your respective Liaison Librarian by clicking the “Book an appointment” or “Chat with me” button.

School of General Studies / Graduate School of Business / Graduate School of Technology / School of Foundation

Syed Riaz Haider Zaidi
Manager, Library Operations

School of Business / School of Marketing & Management / School of Accounting & Finance / School of Psychology

Shamalah Machap
Senior Library Services Executive

School of Media, Arts & Design / School of Mathematics, Actuarial & Quantitative Studies

Atikah Azri Abd. Aziz
Library Executive

School of Computing / School of Technology / School of Engineering

Atiyah Abd. Hadi
Manager, Library Operations