Staffordshire University E-Resources

Staffordshire University Library provides access to some of their e-resources for students who are pursuing dual degree programs with the university. Access to Staffordshire University E-databases requires login credentials which will be emailed to your official student email by Staffordshire University’s IT department. Ensure that you have checked your email (including your Junk/Spam folder) for the login credentials. If you have not received or have any login related issues, submit a helpdesk request for assistance.

Accessing Staffordshire University E-databases
Once you have your login credentials ready, you may follow the login steps below to access SU’s selected e-databases. If you are first time user, the default password will be always date of birth unless you have changed it before.

Ensure that you are already logged out from your APU’s Office 365 account (i.e.: in your browser before accessing SU’s e-databases. Otherwise, the browser will by default pick APU’s student email ID (if you are actively logged on) as the SU username , and trigger an error message to notify that you don’t have an access.

  1. Go toSU Library pageto do a keyword search for any materials you are looking for.
  2. You will get a list of results with links to full text. Refine the results with the filters (i.e. content type, publication date, discipline, etc.) on the left. Click on the full text link to access the e-resource of your choice. It will direct to you to the login page where you will have to enter the SU login credentials.
  3. Each e-resource/e-book/e-journal is different but you may see a login screen which looks like this. Select “Use another account” and enter your username in the “Sign in” window. Select “Next” to enter your password (password is your date of birth in 6 digit format – ddmmyy if you are a first time user.).

Self Service Password Reset

Staffordshire University encourages you to sign up for Self Service Password Reset facility which will help you to reset your password at any time conveniently without waiting for an email response from Staffordshire University’s IT Help Desk. The following steps will help you to get started.  Learn more about managing your passwords here to keep yourself updated with any changes. 


Register, review, change or delete your contact details

  1. Visit the  My  Security Info Page. You will need sign in using your existing username (for staff : / for student: and password for verification. 
  2. You can add contact methods (alternative contact methods) of email, phone, etc. where you will receive a verification code if you need to reset your password. (Hint: you can provide your APU or your private email address as an alternative contact method to receive your verification code).
  3. Important note on security: if you register for this service you must ensure the security of your external e-mail account. Your University password is only as secure as your private e-mail account. You must ensure that you use a secure password on it and do not allow others to share access to it. It is best if you do not use this password for anything else. (You may well already be set up to receive password reminders for other sites on your private e-mail address, so this is good practice anyway). 

Reset your password

  1. If you forget your password, go to the  self-service password resetpage. 
  2. Here you will first be prompted to enter your username and prove that you aren’t a robot. Provided that you have previously registered for the service (see above), you will be able to choose a registered contact method for verification. 
  3. A unique verification code will then be sent to your chosen contact method 
  4. Once the verification code is correctly entered, you can proceed to choose a new password and get back into your account. 

Password Expiry

Your Staffordshire University username remains but the password usually expires after a stipulated time. If you are prompted to change your password, you can do that here easily. You have to sign into the system using the existing username and password (for staff : / for student: ) format to change the password.